Here are some resources that might be helpful in learning more about Senator Hollings and his career:

United States Senate

Archived Web sites for Sen. Hollings

Other resources

University of South Carolina library's SC Political Collections

Making Government Work, a 2008 book by Sen. Hollings.


About Fritz Hollings

Ernest F. Hollings served the public for 56 years -- 38 years in the United States Senate and as South Carolina's governor, lieutenant governor and a member of the S.C. House of Representatives.

Today, Hollings continues to be influential in public affairs and offers this Web site as a compendium of current and past positions on public issues. Learn more about Fritz Hollings.

The Hollings legacy

Click here to learn more about Hollings' impressive and distinguished record of public service.

Read the new book

The University of South Carolina Press in 2008 published Making Government Work, a new book by Sen. Hollings. Learn more.