Some photos of Sen. Fritz Hollings through the years. If you have a photo you'd like to submit, please send it here.

In the Senate

Sen. Hollings at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on product liability, Feb. 19, 1986.

An undated photo of Sen. Hollings at work.

Sen. Hollings, at right, during a hearing of the Senate Committee on Post office and Civil Service, ca. 1967-68.

In the South Carolina

Presidential candidate John F. Kennedy, Sen. Olin D. Johnston and Gov. Hollings welcoming Kennedy to Columbia, 1960.

Hollings during his 1969 hunger tour, which led to his first book, A Case Against Hunger.

Sen. Hollings campaigning, ca. 1966-68.

Hollings, as governor, striding toward a waiting airplane to make a call seeking industry for South Carolina.

Peasy and Fritz Hollings, Nov. 12, 1991

Lt. Hollings, right, in North Africa, 1943.

Hollings as a cadet at The Citadel. He graduated in 1943.

About Fritz Hollings

Ernest F. Hollings served the public for 56 years -- 38 years in the United States Senate and as South Carolina's governor, lieutenant governor and a member of the S.C. House of Representatives. Today, Hollings continues to be influential in public affairs and offers this website as a compendium of current and past positions on public issues. Learn more about Fritz Hollings.

The Hollings legacy

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